Thursday, August 28, 2008

What a Day!

What a day!!! How many of my blogs start out like this?

First I would like to thank A for the wonderful information about how much fat, calories, and carbs are in the pound of cheese I ate on my pizza—I LOVED getting that information…
Had my 7am bride-to-be today-- she showed up in all black, much better for my sandpaper eyes to see than the pretty pink shirt! She worked hard today and even did planks for abs! Great job M!

My 8am came into the gym limping worse than me so I sent her away and told her not to return until she had a doctor's note! I have an idea she went to the gym 15 minutes after I walked out!! Hummmmm.

I had to laugh at D and S, they were shooting each other down in the gym today—one needed a walker and the other didn't have proper men's room etiquette! It was sooo funny!

No classes for me today, but I was able to get a 2 mile run in on the treadmill. Saw a few of my clients in the gym complaining of the pain I inflicted on them Tuesday and Wednesday and a few surprised faces to see me running—what do they think? I just wake up with this body in the morning?

I went to T's shop to help her out—she's giving me a part-time job during the week because I need the pedicure money. I think she was surprised at how well I did printing T-shirts—as she would say "I've got mad skills you don't even know about"!!!

Hit lunch with my two morning clients—Coronas for all! OK- Corona LITES Dad!

Went to do some things for my BFF L--than home to deal with the kiddies!

Dinner was chicken and rice and LOTS of red wine for me—A's diet!

Tomorrow I plan to take photos so you can see what the Day in the Life of the Spin Chick is like—I hope you all enjoy it!