Thursday, February 26, 2009


Yes, I know you've seen this picture before, but....
Here is it again with a bandage... So you know what's next, right?

You guessed it, I DID IT! Gina couldn't be there today, but her sister-in-law Genna took good care of me, held my hand, told me I was going to live, had the paramedics standing by just incase...

Genna was laughing at me. Gina told her how nervous I was and Genna was like"Tiff? I thought she was hard core!" Well, now you know.... I get my strength from the bandanna..
Now all I need is alittle Florida sunshine to tan up the mid-section.
It is done...


Here is a great website for some cute, maybe never seen before, shirts--
Here are some of my favorites!

I may even have to order a few of these-- Iwould love to hear which one's are your favorites!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Ride of Your Life

Here is an idea that S gave to me and I just LOVE it!
I will carve out about a fifteen or twenty minute portion of my class to “The Spin of Your Life.” Kind of like this portion of our program is sponsored by "your name here". Music is a big part of a lot of people’s lives. They mark the time by what song was playing went an event occurred in their life. If I could incorporate those songs within a program and share with the class why and what this song means to them I think it would jazz the class up and make it even more fun.
Which is what you want to do is make fitness fun. A couple of rules: 1) only three to five songs. First you don’t want to be spinning to county music for 80 minutes and second people will be more likely to participate if it only involves a couple of songs.
2) You have to be willing to tell why this song was important to you and agree to let me share it with the class. They can be happy moments, funny moments, inspirational moments, maybe try to keep the depressing moments out unless maybe it is a short recovery or something. You probably don’t want to depress the class.
I love the song "drift away". I always say its the "military wife song". The words means so much to me and helped me through many, many nights alone.
I like the song "loose yourself" by emenem. That song drives me so much, I could climb to it, run to it, and even if I'm on my last drop of energy, that song can lift me out and take me to the finish line-- I feel like I don't want to miss one opportunity in life and that song helps me when I'm feeling down and out!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Don't read if squeemish!

So I am home today with a sick 4-year old, but I have to tell this cute/funny, but maybe alittle TMI story:

She comes to my bed last night at 1240am and says "Mom, I don't feel very good". I sit up and look at her just as she VOMITS into my lap -- she looks up at me and says "I'm serious Mom!".

What do you say to that? My pajamas are a mess, she's crying, I'm not even awake yet and she gives me grown-up sarcasm!

Um, you had me at hello?!?

You gotta love that! "I'm serious guys"

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Now I've seen everything!

I can't even BEGIN to tell you about this site, and I'm pretty sure it's no joke!
Be sure to check out the 'video'.... It's pee your pants funny!

I'm not backing out!

Alright, so I didn't make it in to see Gina last night, but I've got a firm appointment and babysitter for next Tuesday to have my belly button done! I'm wasn't chickening out-- I just couldn't make it!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

How Much is Too Much?

I'm teaching alot this week. 8 classes in 5 days, plus combat practice on Thursdays to get ready for the launch. Now, I AM whining, but I wouldn't change it for the world-- I love teaching and training with you all... however...
What I want to know is if I'm doing too much? Are you tired of seeing me? Are my classes not as upbeat or exciting because I'm over doing it? Is it starting to feel like "ground hog day?"
I have so much studying to do for Combat, but I'm still wasting so much time on Facebook-- what is the infatuation with that site? Do I NEED to know that you're cooking dinner, or watching sesame street, or shaving your legs? Why am I so hooked? Does that mean I need a life of my own?

Friday, February 13, 2009

Underwear Etiquette

Sorry, no pictures of me this time, do you have any idea what you look like after a massage?

So after a THREE day weekend of NINE hour day training days for Body Combat, followed by a full week of aerobics work, and a few extra Body Pump classes I was due for a massage!

I headed down to Jaquelin Morgans in Prince Frederick-- Shelby and Heather are the BOMBS!

Anyway, I am getting ready for the massage, they call me in the room tell me to undress and get under the sheet. Shelby, the lady doing my massage, says "underwear or not, your choice".

Hummmm, what do I do? Now, I don't usually wear ANY, but going to a massage, I threw a pair on. So here is what I need to know, I didn't want to make HER uncomfortable by laying there with no underwear, but at the same time I didn't really want massage oil all over my Victoria Secrets, so..... dilemma...
What do you do?

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A Few Launch Pics

Look at Keri Jo and Suzy, still smiling-- we must not have started yet!
We launched the newest LM Body Pump routine this morning at 9am.
It was me, Niki, and Craig-- your superstar body pump instructors!
We had a full class and LOTS of fun!

First we showed them all the HORRIBLE tricep push-ups, and you all stuck right to it! Nice!

The Bicep track was ROCKING!

How many bottom halves did we have to do? UGH!

Just keep smiling, it will all be over soon!

FINALLY, my turn to talk, I had to be silent all that time... almost a miracle!
Lunges, for me and man look at those smokin' hot legs!

We did some 'front loaded' squats in the lunge track (You Saturday peeps, beware).
You guys look AMAZING! I'm so proud, almost brings a tear to my eye!
Breath, Val, Breath!

Yep, back to Keri Jo and Suzy, and they don't look so sweet and nice now. How are those shoulders feeling girls?

Me and Niki are feeling the burn!
And I got to do it all again at 4pm today... Anyone feel sorry for me?

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I took my 4 year old to the gym tonight for my 4pm spin class. After class I go to the kids club to get her and she runs up to me and says.."Mommy, I made something for you, it's your FAVORITE thing!!!". She hands me this pink paper....
I say to her, "It's beautiful, is it a Valentine card?".
She answers me in her sweetest 4 year old voice and says, "No, its a grocery list!!"
So, my favorite thing is a grocery list.... how do you like them apples?

Monday, February 9, 2009

Oil and Water-- no more

No more oil and water for me-- it's kick ass and take names now!

Yea, I'm smiling, but I'm thinking about all the pain I'm gonna bring down on my Combat attendees! YOU ARE GONNA LOVE IT!

Sunday, February 8, 2009


Morning of day three and yea, we are all dying. Did the Body Combat challenge last night, used the punching bags and I'm pretty sure I did jabs until my arm fell off-- I picked it up and put it back on and had to keep jabbing!

We are all very excited about Combat and bringing it to the gym, so watch out for us when we get back. We are gonna be like the people that just recently got 'saved'.... all we're gonna talk about is COMBAT!!
Lisa B can't wait to see how your jab form looks when you feel like you have glass in your muscles!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Combat Day 2

Oh yea, I'm hurtin'! It's early in the morning, day two, I'm still sore from yesterday and my brain in full of combinations...
This is a quick picture of our room. We just finished the Combat routine for the second time- TODAY and now we are practicing the things we need to work on.
OK, another LONG day of combat. Punching, kicking, squats, lunges, yelling, training, hooking, uppercuts, jabs... (Need I go on?-- I think you get the point)

I know that doesn't end in O, however I was in need of some carbs... that's a baked ziti! (and a Corona-- It got cut out).
We are all so tired, we are just laughing at anything... Have you ever been that tired?

And here I am, laying in bed thinking about tomorrow and what I've got to present. It's tough learning other peoples choreography.. poor me..

Friday, February 6, 2009

Combat Day 1

We are on our way! We met at the gym this morning at 5am!!!! Yes, our first stop was Starbucks in Dunkirk-- they open at 430, just in case you need to know. Here we are in the car on our way to training, feeling good, looking good.
This is me at 4pm, drinking a MUCH NEEDED red bull! Yes, it's sugar free.

Do these shorts make me look fat? Ha Ha Ha!

847pm and Lisa is ordering us a pizza!

I'm studying with my red wine in hand.
What's that? A knock at the door?

OH yes, thank you Lord!

And Kirsten and I sit and study and eat... it is now 937pm and we still have a few hours of work to do. I hope you all know I'll be taking this out on you when I get back!!!
PS. I did learn how to wrap my mittens!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Barbie and Ken Saga

Let me catch some of you up to speed....

I was playing a kids game on line with my children (webkinz quizzy's corner) and we came to a question about Barbie. We answered the question and then we received a fun fact that said...

Barbie used to date Ken, but they broke up!

What? When did they break up? I never saw this in my people magazine subscription!!!

So, I've told several people about this and here is what I've heard...

Yes, they broke up-- they have a divorced barbie now-- she comes with all of Kens stuff!

What? Ken didn't HAVE anything! It was the Barbie dream house, the Barbie corvette? What did Ken even HAVE?

I've heard that Ken had a car. I've heard that Ken had a horse, but Barbie has the horse and the stable now...

I cannot believe this? Didn't Barbie JUST get a belly button like 10 years ago? I remember the huge deal it was-- on the news and everything, but the break-up? I never heard a word!

I've also heard that Barbie had a baby-- there was a pregnant barbie and her belly popped off and there was a baby inside.

OK, that just sounds creepy-- I hope they took that off the market!

Here is a link I found about Ken and a make-over to win back Barbie:

So, I cannot wait to hear about what you know about the Barbie and Ken saga....
On a side note, I never heard anything about G.I. Joe!

I guess they will put anything on a bumper sticker

And someone will put it on their car!
OK, my friend sent this to me and I hope they didn't get it from a car in Calvert County! I mean, really?!? Who has this on their car and can confidently drive down the street?
I also have to wonder if this excuse works on the cops?
Anyone know? Anyone seen worse bumper stickers? I've got to know!!!