Sunday, November 30, 2008

Let me know if this works

I've found a site that gives "fitness" horoscopes:

Friday, November 28, 2008

I think it's time to come home

The old "biker" folk decided to take me around and show me their old stomping grounds. They took us all to a bar on the outside of town. Now, when we arrived I saw this rooster-- yes, a rooster walking around out front....
At first I thought they were teasing me, but noooooooooo. We all went inside and had the coldest beer I've ever tasted.
Now, let me make this clear-- I am NOT in the Florida keys where this type of animal is normal, Im in a small town outside of Ocala.
So, really? A rooster? YES-- and I've got the pictures to prove it!
After this adventure, I'm thinkin' it's time for me to pack up and come on home!

The day of food, and I ate too much!

All the food is on the table, the wine is poured and we are ready to eat! Here is the after dinner drink. It's called a cordial-- I guess it's what the old folks do here in Florida. I love this retirement community in the south-- I wonder if I can forage my birth certificate to say that I'm 50? I would love to Cordial-late every day!
And now the dessert makes it's way around. I skipped the pumpkin pie and had a slice of this "Kentucky derby pie". I'm not sure what's in it. Anyone had one before?

Man do I need a spin class!

The day of food!

Ah, my afternoon started with a nice glass of red wine and a special ice cube that lit up.
Here is the turkey just out of the oven. He is just one of two! Of course I couldn't wait, so I sat at the breakfast bar picking at it and trying to keep my fingers away from the knife.
These beautiful mushrooms will be our appetizer for the evening. They WERE SOOOOO good. Sausage, and pimentos and I'm not sure what else, but yummy! They went great with the wine.

Here are the sweet potato and green bean casseroles in the oven. Just a normal Thanksgiving feast!

And here is the beautiful table before wall sat down to enjoy the dinner. The conversations were great, telling old stories, and meeting new friends.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

They have beer here?

Here I am at a CVS getting some Q-Tips when I ease by the soda isle and see this! They sell beer and wine EVERYWHERE in Florida-- 7-11, the grocery stores, gas stations, and even CVS! Tell me again why I don't live here?
PS. Puna-- I've run or walked everyday-- I'm always fitness first, but that's not always fun to blog about!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


I was shopping in the Harley Davidson shop-- I mean you know how I love the clothes and shoes from there-- I own just about everything. When I walk up the stairs to the "women's" section and I see this mannequin... HOLY BOOBS! I've never seen one with ta tas that big-- I was jealous! This is my dad and NO that isn't my mom.... just some random hot chick that he wants to pose in the picture with...
And as we are leaving the shop we see this sign... it reads: Free ride in a police car-- if you shoplift from this store. Just thought you would want to know what I'm getting in to...

Tuesday Morning-- Tiffiany Gump is running!

It's the piercing sun yet again! I've decided to get up, out of bed early and go off on a short run-- I guess I'm missing my 9am bootcamp peeps!

It's a nice day here in Florida, alittle cloudy this morning, but GREAT weather for a 2 mile jog.

Not such a cute picture of the spin chick, but I was all alone-- everyone else staid in bed-- I guess I'm not that motivating outside of a class. They will be sorry when I'm eating Krispy Kreme donuts later with no guilt!

Ah! Much better-- a nice hot shower, a nice hot cup of coffee, and I should have plenty of energy for the day.
By the way, I will swear that I never worked out once while I was on vacation, so let's just keep this between me and you readers, K?

Just my friends

Girls posed with this 1940 car. I'm taking the picture this time, besides-- you should be tired of seeing me EAT by now anyway!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Monday morning....

Is it really morning? I'm up and dressed, but that sun seems to be piercing my eyes-- and for some reason, my head feels like it weighs 100 pounds on it's own. Ah! Alittle coffee, alittle computer... I'm starting to come around.
On the road! Coco or bust!

Um, yeah-- that's a corn dog and a Corona. Breakfast of champions!

Yes, women go there too!

Quick lunch at Hooters across from the Dayton's Speedway! I ordered boneless wings-- Medium (yeah, I'm a wimp). But, where are my celery sticks?

They always have cute sayings on their wet naps....
And than there is the bill. 3 of us $90.00 with the $15.00 tip... I need to get back to work soon! For more reasons than one!

I think we are heading to Coco beach tomorrow... I'll keep you posted!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sunday Morning in Florida

We wake up in our hotel room on Sunday morning-- the sun is shining, the birds are singing, its a beautiful 77 degrees outside.... Time for coffee and breakfast!

OK, coffee and Mimosa's.... Nothing like a little champing to celebrate the start of a nice four day vacation. Hot coffee to curve the coffee headache later.

Yup, taste pretty good, think I'll have another before we head down the road!

The beach is beautiful- what a great view from outside of our hotel room. The prefect start to our Sunday morning-- what's next?


Those of you that know me, know how much I love my food. One of the BEST things about going to the south is KRYSTAL burgers-- I couldn't wait to get to this fast food joint! Krystals are open 24/7 and they have the GREATEST cheese burgers ever-- they are the inventors of "sliders".
I like to buy them by the "sack". That is 12 Krystal burgers in a bag and YES I can eat almost every single one of them!

They are mini-cheeseburgers. They are just like "little tavern" or "white castle" burgers. They are a thin slice of burger with onions, mustard, and pickles on a soft bun... I like mine with a small slice of cheese!

YUM! YUM! YUM! I cannot tell you how much I enjoy these tiny bits of heaven! Put it this way, I will get a sack EVERY SINGLE DAY that I am here...

I was only able to get 8 out of 12 down-- guess I'll have some left over for later tonight. Yea, you can microwave them too!

The Ride Down!

We decided to leave Friday night to get some miles down the road. We had a hotel in Daytona Beach on Saturday, so there was really no rush. Here we are on the road late at night.
We stopped in SC, had a few drinks, took a rest and got back on the road after a good breakfast. I'm riding shot gun and as you can see-- I'm not a very good traveler. Not to mention the SUN is shining in my eyes!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

New BP

I just received my new Body Pump CD in the mail... Release #68. I feel like I JUST learned #67, but here it is and I'm already studying for the launch!

I'm not sure what's up with these boots, but don't expect me to wear these crazy boots!

Friday, November 21, 2008

My Friday

That's Sydney, my youngest. She had a Thanksgiving Day show at her pre-school today. I went in to watch her sing and than we all ate a nice Thanksgiving feast!
Of course there were two moms and one grandmother there that are members at World Gym. I'm pretty sure they changed their food selection because of me!
Come on guys! I ate the pumpkin pie--- I'm just as normal as anyone else! You know what I always say-- You could die tomorrow, have a piece of chocolate cake today. Or pumpkin pie in this case!

Consistancy is the Key

Just a note to my Thursday 4pm spinners. I sincerely apologize for not teaching for you yesterday. I know how frustrating it is when you come all the way to the gym for my class only to find that I'm not there. Please know that it pains me to NOT be there for you. I'm not making excuses, but keep in mind I'm a single mom-- of three-- and sometimes things come up at the last minute. On the upside, I've got a great class planned for us when I return from my trip to Florida.

I'm looking forward to class this morning, than a few hours at the t-shirt shop. I plan to be on the road late this evening or early tomorrow. I'm bringing my laptop, so I will keep you posted on my adventures. Please know, you will be missed!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Do You Read Yours?

Take a break from all of the details and get grounded in your personal life again.
This is my horoscope for the day. Whenever I check my email it opens up on my front page and I usually glance at it. Today I need to get "grounded" in my personal life.
The following is my CHINESE horoscope:
You're ready for social and professional changes. You may want to make an effort to step it up at work, as there may be an opening for you to fill. Don't spend too much money on extras or petty items that will eat into your budget. Start with cooking at home.
This one tells me to "step it up" at WORK-- Is work my personal life? It also says I need to start cooking at home... I think I better start reading Puna's blog alittle more often-- she who has all those beautiful home cooked meals! Anyone got a subscription to "garden and gun" that I could borrow?
Do any of you read your scopes? Is there a "fitness" scope?

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Never Drink Anything Bigger Than Your Head!

This is the Margarita from the place I love to go to in Prince Frederick. The restaurant is called La Tolteca and this is the Jumbo Texans Margarita-- I like mine with no salt.

I mentioned this Margarita in my Tuesday 4pm spin class and I tried to explain to them how big it actually is! Please look below for a photo of ME and the Margarita! I told you it was as big as my head! No, I don't need any help drinking them!
Hope to see you there sometime!

Monday, November 17, 2008

The SpinChick is never board!

It's a cold Sunday morning, nothing to do, no plans. My dad says-- Let's go to New Jersey and the next thing I know, I"m in the back of the car headed north!

Just about 3 hours later, I'm in Atlantic City and there are a few 20 dollar bills burning holes in my pockets!

BAR! BAR! BAR! Hey- where's the drink lady?

There's my mom playing next to me-- she won ALOT more than I did-- I think she came home with $120.00-- I came home with like $13.00

Back in the car headed SOUTH-- going to be a rough day tomorrow, I think I drank my body weight in Vodka Cranberry's.

Friday, November 14, 2008

I never stop working for you

It's 6:30 in the morning and I'm laying in bed-- in the dark-- studying my Body Pump DVD. I just can't seem to get that shoulder track down!