Tuesday, March 31, 2009

DO blonds have more fun?

OK, here I am straight from bootcamp class.....

And here is the beginning of the foil nightmare--- good thing TVs aren't picking up reception this way any longer.

Still getting foil.

OK- I"m pretty sure I look like I"m from outer space in this one. Boldy-go?

Almost there, the blow drying has begun!

Ah yes, a pretty blond head. Thank you to Melissa from Appearances for making me look so "fun"!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Wed Spin Ride

Gives you hell
Hit me with your best shot
Cold as ice
Moulin Rouge
Black Horse
Mr. Brownstone
You really got me now
something in your mouth
redneck woman
magic carpet ride
all summer long
great balls of fire
crazy little thing called love
save a horse
should i stay or should I go
all for you
welcome to the jungle
let me be myself

Friday, March 27, 2009

It was something to look at.

I thought this was a cute sign to post in the restroom. I mean, we really need some "entertainment" while we're in there!

Yes, I was seated for the entire performance!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Mother of the Year

So, my children were playing outside in the warm weather yesterday. They were on the trampoline with their purses and they decided to take the straps off of the purses and wrap them around one of the girls neck and pretend they were dogs.... Needless to say this was not a good idea and it ended in injury. One of my children got a huge scratch on the side of her neck.
So, while I was nursing her injury and explaining to the girls that it wasn't a good idea to do this, I also suggested that she not go to school and tell all her friends she had a leash around her neck and got scratched!
Well, she comes home today and says "I didn't tell any of my friends mom, just my teacher". WHAT?!? You told your teacher you had a leash on your neck?
Alright, lucky for me (not really)-- her teacher comes to my classes at the gym, so I took the walk of shame across the floor to explain to her teacher that I DON'T let me children walk around with a leash!!!!
When I was younger, thinking about parenthood and how fun it would be to raise children, I never, ever, ever thought I would have to have a conversation with my child's teacher where I had to say "I don't keep my children on a leash"....
Yep, Mother of the Year-- that's me!


I just had to share this. My friends daughter had to do a project for school and she had to list 5 reasons for lettuce. Reason number 5 was: So vegetarians have something to eat! Ha Ha Ha!
My reason, to scrap off excess mustard and ketchup from Wendy's cheeseburger!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Your questions answered!

Many of you have asked me about this 'bar', so here is the scoop.
We stopped at every bar along the route from Key Largo to Key West, it's about 108 miles.
We saw this bar on the road and it was called "Woodys". We pull off and then we notice it is a strip club. So question Number 1. NO, I didn't know by the name that it was a strip club. Question Number 2. NO, I didn't go in.
This sign was on the outside of the door so I snapped the picture. It says Bar/Lounge/and Restaurant. Question Number 3: I have no idea what kind of food was on the menu.
Finally, the band name: Big Dick and the Extenders... Question Number 4: I don't know what kind of music they play, and I've been to afraid to "google search" the answer for fear of what might show up if I type in "big dick and the extenders". If anyone is brave enough to find the answers to these questions, please let us all know. IN FACT, if anyone has ever BEEN to the place, I would LOVE to hear about it.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I've seen everything UPCLOSE now!

If you remember, or refer back to, my blog titled "now, I've seen everything" you will be able to understand this blog post alot better....
So, S and D hand me this package today in this mornings bootcamp class... And this is what's inside!!!! S ACTUALLY ordered it for me. Now, if you can read the photo below you will see some information and a money saving coupon for future purchases of "go girl".
On this back of the above photo is information for a SWEEPSTAKES to win "lifestyle packages". I don't think I even WANT to know what that is.
You can also win some cool GoGirl GEAR! I am actually wondering that the t-shirts and hats have on them? NOT!!!!

OK, so if you look at the outside of the tube you will see all the things you will be able to do if you have, buy, and/or use GoGirl...
Is that a guitar? Will I be a better Guitar Hero player if I use this?

It also states on the TUBE that it contains one gogirl, a tissue, and a baggie for disposal.
Wanna see what's inside?

And there you have it. A rubber funnel, toilet tissue, and a bag for disposal, but that's not all....
Just in case you weren't sure what to do, there are step by step instructions....

These are so funny, it takes the cake! Adjust clothing? (you can't do it through your outfit?), AIM? (what woman learns how to aim?) and if you CHOOSE not to reuse use the bag for disposal... oh, I'm sorry-- discrete disposal, as if the fact you just peed standing up wasn't strange enough!!!!
I cannot wait to hear the comments on this one!

Monday, March 9, 2009

The Burnout Pit

This is the "Iron Horse Saloon" in Daytona Beach, a very famous place and-- as you can see-- a huge hangout for bikers during bike week! Here is a small caged in area called "The Burn Out Pit". Basically, bikers get in there and hold the break, rev up the back tire and make lots of noise and TONS of smoke. It usually gets alot of attention and screams, and some women show their boobs. (Not me of course).

Here is a guy in the pit on a nice Harley Davidson.

Below is the pit after he had been in there about 20 seconds. I'm almost sure there is/or will be NO tread left on his back tire!

It's actually pretty fun if you're there in person. I imagine SEVERAL Corona lites help with the festivities!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

fun stuff to and from

We stopped at a 'bar' on the way to Key West and it turned out to be a nudey place, but I loved the name of the band that played here... big dick and the extenders...
This was a cute shirt I saw in Key West. Thankfully, I didn't actually get to see the county jail.

If you remember from my last trip to Florida in November, I seem to have a knack for finding huge tatas on mannequins and here is one for you...

You do know those are fake, right?

Another cute shirt, anyone know any lawyers?
I snapped this pic of a giant flip flop, just outside of Margaritaville.... Don't think you can blow out THIS flip flop.

2nd day through the keys!

We made it all the way to Key Largo, and parked the trailer. Unloaded and headed on a 108 mile journey through the keys... pretty much stopping at every bar (ofcourse we left at 9am and most places don't open until 11, but we managed to find a few). My only problem was that once you're on the bike, it's whatever you can carry in a back pack to get you through the night-- that means, no curling iron, blow dryer, iron, and only ONE pair of shoes... Here we are sitting at some seafood place, and I snapped this shot-- that's ICE COLD BEER!

Here are the bikes parked at the southern most point--- however, I've heard that the "true" southern most point is in Hawaii and that Cuba isn't really 90 miles from that point, but 98... Still a great place for a picture!

And I know I shouldn't complain, because you can drink anywhere on Key West, but really... Corona in a CAN? It just didn't seem normal. And I haven't choaked on the lime yet...
Check back later to see some pics of the sites I saw on the road trip down!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The road trip from hell

Yep, that's my luggage and yes that is one bag just of shoes! I didn't drive at all, I was way too sick... there were trailers everywhere!
Even when we stopped for gas, they were there.

This made me very nervous, because we "thought" because of the economy that not many people would be here this year... of course we don't have a hotel booked yet...
Is sleeping on the beach illegal?

And you can see the small sign out of the window that says "welcome to FLORIDA". Mind you this is like 430am on Monday!!!

And this one was taken about 5 hours later, around 930am... let the vacation begin.
I also want to say that I've really enjoyed this beer while looking at all the snow pictures of my snow bound friends in Maryland!