Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Warm-up: Another one bites the dust 3:37
Jog: magic carpet ride 4:28
Climb: Take it to the limit 4:46
Climb: Free falling 4:09
Jumps: temperature 3:32
Run: bad girlfriend 3:29
Jog: Hot in here 3:49
Sprints: sin wagon 3:41
Jog/run: live and let die 3:14
Climb 20/20: Beat it 4:19
Climb: Picture 4:59
Sprints: Something in your mouth 3:41
Jog to run: proud Mary 4:58
Climb: Old black water 4:17
Sit, Stand, Hover: Save a Horse 3:22
Jog: Super freak 3:41
Run: rock and roll 3:41
Cool down: Arms wide open 4:35

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Wed spin ride for May 27th

Balls to the Walls Birthday Climb!

Warm-up: Calling all Angles: 3:49
Jog: Don’t do me like that: 2:42
Climb: Eye of the tiger: 4:04
Climb: Come together: 4:19
Jumps: My sharona: 4:56
Climb: fame: 4:20
Sit/stand/sprint: (20 seconds each): Still of the night: 6:41
Jog/Recover: Freeze Frame: 3:58
Seated Climb: Magic Man: 5:27
Bounce climb: Blame it: 4:51
Switch backs: Only the good die young: 3:56
Climb: finish what you started: 4:25
Sit/stand/hover: All summer long: 4:55
Jog/recover: crossfire: 4:08
Standing climb: right round: 3:26
Frozen Jog: only God knows why: 5:27
Seated run: know your enemy: 3:11
Cooldown: I don’t wanna be: 3:40

Monday, May 4, 2009

Here it is May 6th!

Wed ride (80-mins)
Warm-up- Honkey Tonk woman 3:05
20/20 Climb- Money 6:23
sprints- top gun 3:35
Jumps- Dirty Deeds 4:13
Flat to Jog – Slow Ride 3:58
Climb- Blaze of glory 5:36
Run - I want you to want me 3:44
Switch backs- It’s your thing 2:58
Bounce climb- New sensation 3:40
Sprints- kryptonite 3:58
Frozen Jog – Fat bottom girls 4:17
Flat to Jog – Keep rocking me baby 3:07
Climb- Dream on 4:28
Sit/stand/hover- I want a new drug 3:31
Jumps- Pump it 3:37
Jog- Rubber band man 3:33
Run- a little less conversation 3:36
Cool down- Bobby Mcgee 4:33

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

April 22nd spin

Warm-up: Good Vibrations
Jog: Back in the USSR
Climb: Summer of 69
Climb: Soak up the sun
Jumps: Tush
Run: What I like about you
Jog: hot in here
Sprints: something in your mouth
Switch backs: The boys are back in town
Climb 20/20: Running with the devil
Climb: smooth
Sprints: The devil went down to georgia
Jog: sinner man
Climb: Love shack
Sit, Stand, Hover: You may be right
Jog: Crazy
Speed play: Meatloaf
Cool down: centerfold

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Spin Ride for Wed the 8th

This spin ride is 1.3 hours long according to my ipod!

Wednesday Ride (ride of ages)
Warm-up: Rubber band man: 3:33
Jog: Brick house: 3:37
Climb: Superfreak: 3:41
Climb: I’m your boogie man: 4:05
Jumps: Come on Feel the noise: 4:20
Run: Doctor Feel good: 4:50
Jog: Rock of Ages: 4:08
Sprints: Kick start my heart: 4:43
Climb pyramid: November Rain: 8:56
Jog: Allstar: 3:23
Climb: Enter Sandman: 5:32
Sit, Stand, Hover: That’s all: 4:28
Speed play: Rebel Yell: 4:48
Jog: Steve McQueen: 3:26
Climb 20/20: Can’t always get what you want: 7:33
Run: Rock and Roll: 3:41
Cool down: bobby Mcgee: 4:33

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

DO blonds have more fun?

OK, here I am straight from bootcamp class.....

And here is the beginning of the foil nightmare--- good thing TVs aren't picking up reception this way any longer.

Still getting foil.

OK- I"m pretty sure I look like I"m from outer space in this one. Boldy-go?

Almost there, the blow drying has begun!

Ah yes, a pretty blond head. Thank you to Melissa from Appearances for making me look so "fun"!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Wed Spin Ride

Gives you hell
Hit me with your best shot
Cold as ice
Moulin Rouge
Black Horse
Mr. Brownstone
You really got me now
something in your mouth
redneck woman
magic carpet ride
all summer long
great balls of fire
crazy little thing called love
save a horse
should i stay or should I go
all for you
welcome to the jungle
let me be myself