Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Wed spin ride for May 27th

Balls to the Walls Birthday Climb!

Warm-up: Calling all Angles: 3:49
Jog: Don’t do me like that: 2:42
Climb: Eye of the tiger: 4:04
Climb: Come together: 4:19
Jumps: My sharona: 4:56
Climb: fame: 4:20
Sit/stand/sprint: (20 seconds each): Still of the night: 6:41
Jog/Recover: Freeze Frame: 3:58
Seated Climb: Magic Man: 5:27
Bounce climb: Blame it: 4:51
Switch backs: Only the good die young: 3:56
Climb: finish what you started: 4:25
Sit/stand/hover: All summer long: 4:55
Jog/recover: crossfire: 4:08
Standing climb: right round: 3:26
Frozen Jog: only God knows why: 5:27
Seated run: know your enemy: 3:11
Cooldown: I don’t wanna be: 3:40

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