Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Spin Ride for Wed the 8th

This spin ride is 1.3 hours long according to my ipod!

Wednesday Ride (ride of ages)
Warm-up: Rubber band man: 3:33
Jog: Brick house: 3:37
Climb: Superfreak: 3:41
Climb: I’m your boogie man: 4:05
Jumps: Come on Feel the noise: 4:20
Run: Doctor Feel good: 4:50
Jog: Rock of Ages: 4:08
Sprints: Kick start my heart: 4:43
Climb pyramid: November Rain: 8:56
Jog: Allstar: 3:23
Climb: Enter Sandman: 5:32
Sit, Stand, Hover: That’s all: 4:28
Speed play: Rebel Yell: 4:48
Jog: Steve McQueen: 3:26
Climb 20/20: Can’t always get what you want: 7:33
Run: Rock and Roll: 3:41
Cool down: bobby Mcgee: 4:33

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Danny Douglas said...

This ride kicked a$$!